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DLG certified

For decades, the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft, DLG) has provided a quality guarantee for the food products it certifies. The testing commission includes trained academic and practical experts. The DLG quality control inspection is accredited to international standards. DLG’s tests involve the assessment of each product according to scientific quality standards and the issuing of an expert report.

Here are just a few of DLG’s testing criteria:

  • Product-specific sensory analysis covering aspects such as external and internal appearance, consistency, aroma, flavour
  • Packaging, labelling
  • Analytical parameters (e.g. animal species identification, ingredient content)
  • ... and much more

Source: www.dlg.de

After the inspection, a stringent control system monitors compliance with the guidelines. This guarantees consistent quality and safety for the consumer.

Mond-Star-Pastirma Schinkenproduktions GmbH is proud to have received DLG awards for its ÖZ-Kayseri products for several consecutive years. The awards make it one of the few companies producing original Turkish specialities according to German quality guidelines.