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DLG - Sustainability and quality proofed

Mond-Star-Pastirma Schinkenproduktions GmbH is honoured with the award for “long lasting product quality” by the German-Agricultural-Corporation (DLG). The award was given on a special ceremony in Würzburg, by Prof. Dr. Achim Stiebing to the company, which always participate with success at the DLG- quality controls.

The DLG is giving away the award to promote the quality striving of the companies. Producer which are giving their products voluntarily to the inspectors of the DLG for many years have a chance to receive the award.

The companies have to participate five years in a row and they have to be awarded for at least three of their products every year. After the fifth successful year of participation the producer is going to be awarded with the prize of “long lasting product quality”. Since a company is not participating or not receiving the minimum number of awards during this years it loses the claim for the Award.

During the special ceremony in Würzburg DLG-Vice president Prof. Dr. Achim Stiebing (left) is handing over the award to Orhan Selcuk and Hilmi Selcuk.

Source: DLG