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Quality assurance at Mond-Star-Pastirma Schinkenproduktions GmbH

Quality assurance and hygiene control are top priorities in our organisation. With our contract laboratory, the German Institute for Environmental Analysis (Institut für Umweltanalytik, IFU) we have developed and implemented a monitoring system. This system is discussed and revised annually.

Our organisation and our production facility are monitored chiefly by the State Veterinary Office of Wiesbaden and the Regional Administrative Council (Regierungspräsidium) of Darmstadt. The food inspectors make regular, unannounced, visits to our production facility to inspect our processes and hygiene. The food inspectors from the Veterinary Office also take regular samples of our products, which are then tested in research laboratories using different parameters. We also have our own safety and hygiene officers. Our contract laboratory gives our employees annual training in the requirements of hygiene and infection prevention laws. Internal meetings are also held with production staff to improve the general understanding of hygiene rules and quality assurance within the company.
Our business is EU-approved.
Its licence number is DE-HE-EV 233-EG.