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Stuffed pastry rolls with pastirma

1 pack triangular filo pastry sheets
1 pack yemeklik pastirma
1 pack sliced cheese suitable for toasting

Tomato slices (optional)
Vegetable oil



Remove the triangular filo pastry sheets from the packaging. 
 Brush each individual sheet with water. 
Scatter yemeklik pastirma all over the sheets. 
Place a slice of cheese on top. 
If you wish, you can add a thin slice of tomato.

Roll up the pastry, folding in the ends as you go, so that there is no opening to allow the filling to escape during frying.
Add a generous amount of vegetable oil to a non-stick pan (or use a deep-fat fryer), and fry the stuffed pastry rolls on a medium heat until golden brown and crispy.